What are your normal business hours?

    Needful Things inc. is open from 11am - 9pm Sun-Thurs & 11am-12am Fri. & Sat.
    Pleasures of the Flesh is open from 12pm -9pm every day.
    We do occasionally close for holidays or certain special events.  It's rare, but it does happen.  Call ahead. 

Do you take walk-ins or appointments?

    We do most piercings on a walk-in basis, although it may be best to schedule an appointment if you want a particular piercer.  Be prepared for a short wait during peak hours.     For tattoos, it is usually best to schedule an appointment.  We will definitely take walk-in clients when we have availability, but our clients with scheduled appointments get first priority.

Can I schedule a tattoo appointment over the phone?

    No. You must come in and consult with one of the staff to schedule an appointment.  A deposit will be required at the time of scheduling.

Can I get a price quote over the phone or via email?

    It is next to impossible to give an accurate price quote over the phone. There are just too many variables. We can be more accurate if you send us a rendering of your design and specific sizes and placement via email, but we still prefer to meet with you face to face.  Coming into the studio is really the best way to get an accurate price quote.

I know somebody that tattoos/pierces out of their house that said they could do it cheaper.  Why should I spend the extra money to get tattooed/pierced by you?

    Tattooing and/or piercing out of your house is illegal.  If someone tells you they are licensed to do so, they are lying to you.You can not get a license to work out of your house.  It is illegal because it is unsafe and unsanitary. Licensed studios are inspected regularly by the Dept. of Health and the artists are required to have specific training. Think about it...Our artists do this for a living every day.  They do not need to work at other jobs because they are professionals and are paid as such.  Our company always has room to hire more professionals.  We are that busy!  If the person working out of their house was good enough to be working in one of our shops,they would be.  They would be making a professional wage for producing professional work, not working a day job and practicing on people on the side. Chances are, if you get tattooed or pierced by one of these individuals for a "better" price, you will end up paying a professional (possibly a doctor) more money in the future to fix what the non-professional has done to you.

What is your policy regarding minors?

    Click here for Minor Policies

Where can I get a copy of your Minor Consent Form for piercings?

    Click here for Minor Consent Form

How do I take care of my new tattoo?

    Click here for Tattoo Aftercare

How do I take care of my body piercing?

    Click here for Facial & Body Piercing Aftercare Pamphlet

How do I take care of my oral piercing?

    Click here for Oral Piercing Aftercare Pamphlet

I am unhappy with something that went on in one of the studios and no one was able/willing to resolve the situation.  What should I do?

     As a company, we strive to meet and exceed the expectations of each and every client. As with any company, there are times when we fail. If this has happened, PLEASE fill out the form below and put ATTENTION: ROBERT in the subject line.  I promise to do my best to resolve the situation.  Please remember that I can't fix it if I don't know it's broken.  I really appreciate the feedback from our clients.  It is how we better ourselves and our company.