I grew up in a very small town in NW Michigan. After one too many winters, I decided to trade in the sand of the Sleeping Bear Dunes for the beaches of sunny Florida. In the fall of 1990 I loaded up my 1972 Chevelle, hooked my motorcycle to the back, and headed south.

I ended up living on the outskirts of Okeechobee (no beaches) and working as a bouncer for a short time at The Fin and Feather Lounge in Buckhead Ridge (it was just like it sounds...very Roadhouse-esque). It wasn't exactly the paradise I envisioned but at least I wasn't cold. I finished college at IRCC with a degree in Mechanical Drafting and Design and then moved over to the coast. Things got much better from there. 

I started piercing in the mid 90's and opened Needful Things, Inc. in February of 1999. I was given the honor of fighting city hall to allow tattooing and body piercing within the city limits and, with my victory, Needful Things, Inc. gained the distinction of being the oldest licensed studio in the city of Fort Myers. I have been a member of The Association of Professional Piercers since 2001 and strive to give each client the best experience possible.